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Vesna Faiazza born in Tuzla (former Yugoslavia today Bosnia), at the outbreak of the infamous „Balkans war“ leaves her homeland and reaches Germany where she still lives and works. Her artistic career began as a young self-taught person, driven by a profound need to express through colors and painting what words cannot completely define: emotions, passions, sensations. The infinite chromatic variations, and the various pictorial techniques, will help her in this cognitive process of her own and the other's nature, or soul, if you prefer.
Participate with excellent results in various painting courses and seminars. In 1993 She enrolled at the Zurich School of Painting Prof. G.Vuilleumier. From 1998 to 2004 he attended courses in painting and drawing at the school of Prof. Kolja Schäfer Senteur Bad-Neuenahr Ahrweiler (DE). In 2007 enrollment at the Hamburg School of Painting Prof. Bea Emsbach. Since 2014 still a student of the Magister Rosemarie Bassi, EUROPÄISCHES KULTURZENTRUM Remagen.

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